For over 40 years we rent, sold and provided assistance with road building and construction machinery

For over 40 years we have rented, sold and provided assistance with road building and construction machinery

Compressors, mini excavators, mini skid steer loaders, power generator, telehandlers, cranes, portable building units, cement mixers, dumpers, powered wheelbarrows, timber and much more besides


noleggio, vendita e assistenza di macchine edili stradali

Bandinelli Srl was founded in 1980 by Giampaolo Bandinelli, thanks to his experience in selling building equipment.

Over the years, he built a well-qualified, forward-looking team able to meet the increasingly diverse needs of clients.

Today, having reached the second generation and with well over 30 years of experience, we are a modern company in constant expansion with partners and clients across Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

We rent and sell machinery for road building and construction such as: compressors, mini excavators, mini skid steer loaders, power generators, city, self-erecting and traditional tower cranes, portable building units and garages, cement mixers and cement trucks, dumpers, powered wheelbarrows, pre-fabricated, tube and joint and multi-directional scaffolding, electric and hydraulic hammers, wood saws and water saws for cutting building materials, timber and small equipment.

We have expanded our products and services over the years and now offer a range of aerial platforms in various models and specifications.

The entire rental park is continuously updated and maintained by our internal workshop.

The workshop is one of our key sectors: every member of staff is an employee and carries out support services on machines sold as well as those being rented, thereby contributing to complete the set of services we offer clients (without them having to contact another support centre).

To operate in such a dynamic and competitive market, we decided to further increase our professional services, offering clients three turnkey solutions:

  • Prefabricated, galvanised scaffolding or tube and joint scaffolding, including assembly, disassembly, rental and mandatory design.
    Our technician will carry out a survey and will work alongside you up to disassembly, personally taking charge of any issue that might arise; we have even come up with a slogan the best service is solving issues and not creating new ones!
  • Life line: UNI EN 795, we can supply, install and design and subsequently maintain life line systems.
    We work with specialist companies in the specific sector to propose the most appropriate solution. Our personnel are always kept up to date through training courses with manufacturers and by working closely with the technicians who designed the system.
  • Insulation: we work with a leading European company to supply external insulation systems in EPS, XPS, rock wool, etc. We also offer teams prepared for this type of installation and partners who offer this and other, related services.



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